World Robot OlympiadTM

International Final

SMART Cities

8-10 November, 2019 - Győr, Hungary

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The future of cities

Is developed under the overall name of “Smart Cities”: new concepts, new ideas, and new technologies that will help to build the cities of the future and will change existing forms of everyday life. Well-designed technological tools can benefit government agencies, the environment, and the residents. These developments like green energy, innovative concepts will help save energy, make traffic safer, and improve public transport systems.

Engineers and developers

Have been working for a long time to help us live in a healthier environment with as few harmful emissions as possible and with economical energy consumption. The aim is to minimize our ecological footprint and live in comfort and safety. It has led scientists to develop the automated operation of various systems in our buildings.

Future IT networks

Face challenges such as holographic video conferencing, driverless cars, and interactive robots, just to name a few of the options that are expected to occur in the near future. Creating these future networks involves adapting the current technology, developing new devices, and strengthening wireless technologies.


It is fast-growing and continuously changing the industry in the 21st century. Since 2015, Hungary has been actively involved in the development of self-driving vehicles.
In 2019 a 265-hectare test track has been open for self-driving vehicles near Zalaegerszeg, in southwest Hungary, which the government has funded.

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